Search Me Baby One More Time by Melinda Barron

Resplendence Publishing

Erotic Contemporary

Reviewed by Shayna



Once, Wren Thornberry let her father talk her out of marrying Bryan Stockard.  Five years later, Wren has come back home to Texas to watch over her grandmother.  But things aren’t exactly like Wren left them.  Her grandmother is running around with a man twenty years younger than she and the couple is shocking the town with their sexual antics.  If that weren’t enough, Wren finds that Bryan is still in town, and is a cop to boot.  Wren soon finds that old feelings can’t be denied when she finds herself on the receiving end of a very wicked, highly improper police search.

The handcuffs are out and the heat is on high with this sinful treat from Melinda Barron.  Search Me Baby One More Time is sweetness and sex wrapped in an entertaining plot and I was both charmed and captivated.  It’s impossible not to fall for Wren and Bryan.  They’re intelligent, likeable characters who’ve made mistakes in their relationship and are working towards finding their way back to one another.  A dash of good humor is added with Wren’s grandmother, whose “wild” ways and blunt speaking brought a smile to my face.  All in all, I found Search Me Baby One More Time to be both erotic and fun, making it the perfect afternoon read.


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