Saving Ciaran by Cassandra Gold

Outcasts series

Cobblestone Press

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60088-432-0

Reviewed by Lisa



On his way to a better life, Andrew ‘Drew’ Moore stopped his motorcycle for a moment to take stretch when he heard someone or something crashing through the bushes.

As a werewolf Drew is confident in protecting himself but can’t believe who comes into the clearing.  Drew discovers a young man, beaten and bruised but what throws him is the man-size wings and pointy ears.

Drew helps Ciaran evade his pursuers and together they travel to Drew’s home.  Ciaran knows nothing of this world so Drew takes pity on him and begins to teach him how to survive in the human world.  Feelings grow in tandem with their time together but mixed signals will ruin everything if someone doesn’t open up soon.

Readers will be hard pressed to find a sweeter M/M love story than Saving Ciaran.  Author Cassandra Gold manages to fully convey the total innocence in Ciaran and the compassion in Drew without getting too ‘sappy’ about it.  I do wish however that the opening plot concerning Ciaran’s arrival in the human world had been explored more fully.  Otherwise, Saving Ciaran is a lovely romance culminating in a tender yet hot finale.  For an entertaining blend of paranormal adventure and love story, look no further than Saving Ciaran.


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