Road to Paradise by Tianna Xander


Shapeshifter/ Menage

ISBN: 978-1-55487-279-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Nicola Stone is on the run from an unknown force stalking her.  She has engaged the help of her brother, but she doesn’t expect to run into a man who is intent on protecting her.  She is especially unprepared for his two blood brothers to also feel the need to keep her safe.  She is further shocked when the three of them all claim to be her mate, and want to take her back home.

Jarrod is stunned to find the serial killer is targeting his long awaited mate.  When his blood brothers arrive and have the same reaction they know they are meant to true bond and be together.  But can they keep Nicola safe, and will she accept them all as mates, especially when she finds out they are also shape shifters?

Road to Paradise is a fast paced action filled story about three men who finally find the one they are meant to mate with, and help save her life in the process.  While the description of Paradise does remind me a bit of Hotshot in Charlene Harris’s Southern Vampire Series the similarities end there.  In this case you have a woman whose destiny appears to be with these men and it has just taken time for them to cross paths.  I found the erotic schemes to be well written (as expected from Ms. Xander) and the overall story to be one that I enjoyed.  If you like shifters and don’t mind a hot ménage then you will also enjoy Road to Paradise.


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