Riding Double by Eve Adams

Riding, Book 1


Erotic Menage/Contemporary

ISBN:  978-1-60601-493-6

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Skye Taylor refuses to fall in love.  Fall in lust? Maybe.  She just is not willing to take a chance on heartache – she has seen and been around too many relationships gone bad to trust her heart.  Her feelings about love aside, she can’t help but desire Trent Harris and Caleb Jennings.  Trent is the man Skye runs to when she needs sexual gratification with no strings.  Caleb is her buddy – but not for long.  When the men get together and decide that Skye’s inability to commit to either or both of them has to stop, they come up with a plan.  Skye will either commit to both of them by RIDING DOUBLE or never touch either man again.  Which will this stubborn but scared beauty choose?

Riding Double starts out with a bang, let me tell you.  Every time Skye needs a bit of loving, she ends up picking a fight, which in turn Trent has to either participate in or stop.  Her unwillingness to take a chance on love broke my heart because Caleb and Trent deserved someone who really loved them.  Skye loved both men but only when it was convenient to do so.  I found her spoiled and pretty much wished she would get her heart broken.  Caleb and Trent were much too good for her.  I think the plan the men came up with to get Skye’s attention was fool proof and very original.  I could see the wheels turning in Skye’s head as well as the smoke coming out of her ears.  She was not pleased but soon realized that Trent and Caleb were her only chance at happiness.

With sizzling love scenes and carousing arguments that end up being solved by heady and passionate lovemaking, Riding Double is an entertaining ménage, if you can get over your dislike of Skye.


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