Research Only by Marteeka Karland

Executive Decisions, Book 4

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-60521-162-6

Reviewed by Tanya



Sex filled erotic encounter is what Aimee is looking for.  She has been the good girl all of her life and is one of the last virgins (at her age), mostly due to the fact she has had a lot of family responsibilities that she has made the best of.  But as a promising sci-fi author her editor says she need to shake things up by putting more sex in her stories, which would have the potential to send her career into orbit.  How is a virgin to do that?  She hires Executive Decisions that is how.  She uses all her monies and calls the weekend research.  But, she has no grandeur of romantic feeling just research.

Darius is the owner and matchmaker behind Executive Decisions.  He has fretted more over placing Aimee than any other client his partner Yusuf Abdullah has ever seen.  Yusuf has no desire to find love again but knows that when Darius asks him to be the one for Aimee over the weekend that not only will it change his life but that Darius can’t see what is right before his eyes.  Will Darius notice before it is too late?  And will Aimee be able fulfill not only their dreams but hers?

Erotically charged and interesting story are the thoughts I have when I think back to reading Research Only.  As usual Ms. Karland does not disappoint with Research Only, which I read as a stand alone story.  While it is easy to read as a stand alone it will only make you want to read the first three in the series.  I found Research Only to be extremely erotic and action packed fun read.


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