Rescuing Clarice by Anny Cook

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419921407

Reviewed by Jo



Today has got to be the worse day of Clarice Meriwether’s life.  First, she is found under a desk by her very sexy temporary boss and gets hurt coming out, and then has a serious clothing malfunction. To top it off, her car decides not to start.  What a way to begin with a guy she has fantasized about.  Totally breaking down, Clarice spills a long list of problems that have been plaguing her before she is able to stop herself.  Great, now you can add further embarrassment to the growing list.

Otis Larsen only agreed to take his uncle’s place because of the reliability of Clarice.  So, this morning surprises him almost as much as it does Clarice. However, Otis is not going to let this chance fall through his fingers, especially when he finds out that someone is stalking and out to harm Clarice.  Now Otis just has to get her to agree to his solution. He uses hot erotic sex to prove his point, and then brings in his family to help find out just who is harming his mate. 

Clarice is the last water elemental dragon, and as per her family’s tradition, has been keeping it a secret.  Otis is a fire elemental dragon and he is very surprised to discover Clarice’s secret.  Both are surprised when it is discovered that the reason for the danger trying to claim Clarice, and now Otis, is from an action deep in the past that affected both their clans.  Clarice and Otis will have to discover the way to correct the wrong done long ago before time runs out.

What if you were the only one left, and then found out something your ancestors did could mean your death?  Rescuing Clarice brings Clarice, the last surviving water elemental dragon, to face the consequences of her ancestors’ actions.  Otis knows instantly who Clarice is to him but not what her family connections are, or the danger that is following her.  One day of overwhelming disasters is the starting point of ancient discoveries and the road to correct them before enemies can kill both Otis and Clarice.  The loving humor that Clarice and Otis find, even during dangerous situations, had me hoping they could solve the riddles that threatened them.  Otis’ usage of hot and often sex to convince Clarice she wanted to do things his way should have seemed chauvinistic, but instead just showed both of them how well suited they were together.  Rescuing Clarice is an erotic mating with just enough danger to make it spicy from first page to the last.


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