Red Alert by Lynne Connolly

Storm, Book 1

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419920639

Reviewed by Jo



Megan Armstrong believes that she is either going insane or has a brain illness.  For a while now, she has been dreaming about a man she doesnít know, but one who is being used as a guinea pig in some type of scientific experiment.  That is, if he really exists.  Megan even knows his nameóRicardo.  Believing that she has a serious problem, Megan has tried seeing doctors and even going to a sleep clinic for treatment.  Nothing is helping.  Then comes the day when Megan learns that she isnít insane or ill, but that Ricardo really lives and she meets his brotheróa dragon like she has seen on television lately.

Alessandro Gianetti (Sandro) works for STORMóThe Society of Talented Officers Resisting Mistreatment.  He is a talent or actually, he is an old dragon who is looking for the men that have his brother.  After weeks of looking, Sandro finally has a clue in Megan.  He is not about to let her out of his sight until they can figure out where Ricardo is and rescue him. 

The thing that Megan and Sandro were not expecting is the instant attraction between them and the way it quickly seems to progress into something much more.  Even more confusing is why Sandro is trying to cool it off with his words if not his body.  While trying to find and get Ricardo, it becomes apparent that someone is after Megan.  Sandro tries to use a STORM team to keep her safe, which places everyone in danger.  Understanding that the same people who want Megan also have Ricardo, can Sandro find it in himself to let Megan be bait? 

The talents have gone public in Red Alert.  Megan isnít sure if she is actually seeing a man being hurt in her dreams or losing her mind.  Sandro will do anything to get his brother back, even if it means his death.  Sandro and Megan know immediately that they have something special together, but suddenly Sandro is backing away for some reason.  I was confused and wondering how they would ever have a chance as the plot unwound.  But, I should have known that Ms. Connolly would never give less than a great and happily ever after ending.  And of course she did.  The path that Sandro and Megan have to follow weaved and had tight pin turns, but the ending made all the wondering well worth it.  The Storm series is off to a great beginning and I canít wait for the next chapter or book.  Red Alert is red hot with a strong and heart-warming plot that will keep you flipping the pages.


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