Reckless Behavior by Amanda Young

Reckless Seduction, book 2

Loose Id

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-926-3

Reviewed by Ley



Cody has always been in love with Dante, his uncle's best-friend. For the past six months his dream of being sexually involved with the much older man has been a reality, but now Cody wants more than a sexual relationship with Dante. He is looking for monogamy and a future with Dante.  Will revealing what he yearns most from Dante destroy what they already have?

Reckless Behavior reintroduces the precocious but determined Cody and his once reluctant lover, Dante.  Cody and Dante’s relationship up to now has been open, but Cody is ready to change that.  Cody and Dante have a really hot and wild sex life, except I like them better when they are one on one, so I agree with Cody and they should be monogamous. Reckless Behavior was a good follow-up to Reckless Seduction. I really liked learning more about Dante and his past.  Readers of Reckless Seduction will enjoy Reckless Behavior.


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