Real Men Last All Night by Lori Foster, Lora Leigh, Cheyenne McCray, Heidi Betts

St. Martin’s

Contemporary Anthology

ISBN: 978-0312387792

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



“Luring Lucy” by Lori Foster

Lucy is the widow of Bram’s best friend.  Ever since her husband died, Bram has been waiting to make his move – he has loved her ever since he met her.  Finding out that Lucy has gone to her lake house with the hopes of acquiring a lover sends Bram over the edge.  If anyone is going to be “Luring Lucy” to their bed, it is going to be him!

Talk about a true alpha male! Bram is steadfast and knows exactly what he wants.  And he wants Lucy.  Joyfully I watched him seduce and claim his woman.  He was thorough, that much was more than apparent!


“Cooper’s Fall” by Lora Leigh

Ethan Cooper has been watching pretty Sair Fox ever since she moved next door to him.  His desire becomes overwhelming when, looking out of his attic window, he sees the prim and innocent Ms. Fox being very naughty.  Watching her tease herself is almost more than he can handle.  Cooper has definitely fallen!

Ethan Cooper.  His name alone is enough to make me swoon.  From the top of his head to the tip of his um, yeah. Ethan is sin personified and quite happy to show beautiful Sair exactly how naughty this bad boy can be!


“The Edge of Sin” by Cheyenne McCray

Zane Steele has a dangerous job and is unable to talk about it.  Waiting on a contact, Zane finds himself mesmerized by a woman licking an ice cream cone.  Fixated on everything about her, Zane can’t help himself and has to meet her.  The sexual tension between Willow and Zane is instantaneous.  Will Zane be able to have a relationship with this enigmatic woman or will, once again, his job put someone he cares about in danger?

Zane knew from the minute he saw Willow that he had to have her.  Lucky for him, Willow felt the same way.  The sexual attraction each felt for the other was amazingly hot and burned out of control with smoking hot results!


“Wanted: A Real Man” by Heidi Betts

Years ago Claire broke up with her boyfriend in order to pursue her dreams.  Now, ten years later, she has to come face to face with the one man she has never been able to forget - Linc.  Now a U.S. Marshal, Linc knows trouble when he sees it and if Claire walking back into his life is any indication, things are about to get messy.  Finding out he has a daughter unnerves Linc, but he agrees to help Claire find her – and find her he will.

Linc surprised me.  I fully intended to be angry with him the way he treated Claire when she needed his help so desperately.  However, I ended up being more than attracted to him because of the way he took control of the situation and began helping Claire.  The sparks fly between these two, even ten years later, quite nicely I might add.

Real Men Last All Night is an outstanding anthology.  Each novella has an entertaining and sexually charged plot. Readers should note that Lori Foster’s contribution, “Luring Lucy”, is not an original, but a rerelease.  That disappointed me, however, not enough that I didn’t enjoy rereading Bram and Lucy’s story.  “Cooper’s Fall” by Lora Leigh is my dead on favorite. No one writes erotic love play quite like Ms. Leigh.  Cheyenne McCray’s contribution, “The Edge of Sin”, whetted my appetite for more Lexi Steele novels – Zane is Lexi’s brother.     Heidi Betts is a new writer on the erotic front. I adore her Silhouette releases and thought “Wanted: A Real Man” was superb.  Ms. Betts is quickly making a name for herself and if this novella is any indication of her talent, she should be around a very long time.

For naughty, risqué, alpha, and sizzling hot reads, Real Men Last All Night is a must read!


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