Prince Vampire by Amarinda Jones

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419920653

Reviewed by Lisa



Aureliann OíNeal admits to herself, at least a little bit, that she is obsessed with a discount paperback she bought titled The Vampireís Kiss.  Her best friend has read it and dismissed it, but Aureliann canít stop re-reading it and fantasizing about the main character, a vampire hero named Prince Valdemar.

At the same time in another dimension Prince Valdemar, leader of the people of Serawych, hears the heart felt call of his one true love knowing that he must go to her no matter where she lives.  The vampire Prince can only be whole and complete with his other half, the one woman meant to be his alone.

Itís hard for Aureliann to believe that the gorgeous guy who looks like the cover model on her paperback is there for her.  Prince Valdemar has a short deadline to convince Aureliann to bond with him or loose her forever.  On top of that his cousin Victor is making a major play for the throne and that would be disastrous for everyone if Victor managed to seize the crown.  Aureliann needs to figure out if the hunk is a nut job or her true love.  Prince Valdemar has his work cut out for him, but having met Aureliann he knows it will be worth it no matter the dangers.

A unique and fresh storyline on top of sizzling hot sex is found within the pages of Prince Vampire.  The concept behind Prince Vampire is fun, quirky, and sensual with believable characters in a realistic setting.  The only letdown is that there arenít any real surprises here; the climax is quick and mostly painless.  Having said that, Aureliann and Valdemar are entertaining and the plot is different. Overall, Prince Vampire is an original and enjoyable break from reality.


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