Pretty Man by Ryan Field

Ravenous Romance

M/M Contemporary

ISBN:  978-1-60777-113-5

Reviewed by Ley



Returning to New York to take part in a charity event, running into his ex was something Roland Marcus knew would happen. It was something he dreaded, especially when his ex was still with the man he cheated on him with.  When the inevitable run in happens much sooner then expected, Roland propositions a hot young stranger to pretend to be his boyfriend in order to show his ex that he has moved on with his life.

Josh Holden, a hustler and father, did what was necessary to make a living and provide a home for his son and his ex-wife, whom he is still very good friends with. When Roland approached him to pretend to be his lover, the money was too good to turn down. However, after getting to know Roland, the money wasnít the only reason he wanted to be with him.

Pretty Man has a good storyline and great characters. Itís a play on the Pretty Woman movie with the kind and smart older man pays a streetwise prostitute with a good heart to be his companion for a week.  The twist is there are ex relationships involved and Josh has a son. The pace of the story and the development of the romance between Roland and Josh happen rather quickly.  The romance side of the story was thin for me, but it was overflowing with hot sex and great entertainment.  There are some moments in Pretty Man that were quite surprising.  Overall Pretty Man is a fun and very entertaining story.


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