Possess Me at Midnight by Shayla Black

Doomsday Brethren, Book 3

Pocket Books

Erotic Paranormal

ISBN 9781416578468

Reviewed by Nannette



As the fight against Mathias and his Anarki army rages around her, Sabelle Rion watches helplessly as her brother Bram, the leader of the Doomsday Brethren, lies dying in a cloud of evil. When the battle literally knocks on their door, Sabelle and the others must flee. Ice Rykard swears to protect Sabelle and the Doomsday diary she holds from Mathiasí evil clutches, even if it kills him. Every day he loses a piece of himself by being so near to Sabelle and not being able to touch her the way heíd like to. Sabelle feels Iceís desire for her, but Ice is Bramís enemy and an unlikely match for someone of her station. Sabelle may have to choose between her heart and her duty as Mathias inches closer in his quest to obtain the Doomsday Diary, eliminating each Council member one by one in the process.

The tension between Ice and Sabelle in Seduce Me In Shadow was intense, but itís nothing compared to Possess Me At Midnight. Considered royalty in magickind, Sabelle is bound by honor to marry as per her station.  Being a Deprived rather than a Privileged, Ice is no-where near Sabelleís station. As is the fate of so many lovers of different classes, Sabelle is torn between love and duty. Bram is surprisingly responsible for most of Sabelleís anguish. I was on edge wondering if true love would conquer all until the very end. Sabelle and Iceís dilemma is similar to those in historical settings who faced the same plight, but the addition of a ruthless wizard and some entertaining magic makes it very different. I love the angst and passion between Sabelle and Ice; itís tangible and often breathtaking.  Possess Me At Midnight is another exciting chapter in the Doomsday Brethrenís fight against a merciless and evil wizard hell-bent on gaining power.


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