Pleasure Island by Mandy M. Roth and Michelle M. Pillow

Pleasure Cruise, Book 3

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic, Shapeshifter

ISBN:  9781419920769

Reviewed by Jo



Vaclar is a minor god in a lot of trouble.  He has been using major power lately in constructing his own pleasure island, but now he is being called on the carpet for that power.  The only way to not be “grounded” is to convenience a higher god that the island is to the benefit of all, and that it will bring mates together.  Now to find himself some couples to mate…

Jurgen Cuyper is a pilot and a shape shifter who would love to get up close and personal with the woman who just walked into the bar.  Annette Rowe decided to surprise her boyfriend but she was the one who got surprised.  Now she just wants to go home and is willing to hire the randy and sexy pilot to fly her home.  Jurgen agrees to fly Annette, but neither expected the weird storm to blow up nor that they might be stuck on some island in the middle of nowhere.  Surf, sun, and lust just might take Jurgen and Annette by surprise before they are rescued.

Keoni Kinau is taking a rare day off from his tourist boating company.  Keoni is an ocean walker so a day—without tourists—on the ocean is just what he needs.  Suddenly Keoni realizes he isn’t exactly alone.  Christy Seabrooke has just decided to take a swim at her hotel when she instead pops up in the ocean and next to Keoni’s boat.  Just how did she get here?  Not trusting what is going on, Keoni and Christy decide to head back inland when they are marooned on an island that appears to be sinking.  Where the island is and how they got there is the mystery.

One god trying to save his powers, and two couples who just met but are trying not to give into passion and lust are about to find out what Pleasure Island is.  Jurgen is trying to be nice for once and taking Annette back to an airport, only to end up on a strange island.  Keoni has seen Christy, but both are confused by how they came together in the ocean, and then suddenly are stranded on an unknown island.  I laughed as I watched Vaclar work on a fast explanation on power usage and pulled it off.  However, I was wondering if his test couples would really become soul mates.  Laughter, passion and fate come together to show a playboy minor god just how to bring soul mates together.  Both couples find a way to work out differences under unusual circumstances.  I really loved the final twist that showed up.  Pleasure Island is one for your keeper library with eroticism and laughter heating up the days and nights.


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