Play It Again, Sam by Jenna Byrnes

Phaze Books

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-59426-742-0

Reviewed by Lisa



Spending time at an old movie theatre watching Casablanca every day isnít the best use of time, but the shock of being laid off still hasnít sunk in for Sam Merit. 

Meeting theatre employee Marc Phillips, however, is something good.  They have an instant chemistry and theyíre perfectly in sync in the sack. When Sam tries to take things to the next level Marc pushes him away.  Sam is left wondering what he did wrong, if anything.

Play It Again, Sam offers readers some sizzling sexual moments followed by emotional detachment and disillusionment - a mystery that Sam wants to solve.  The overall concept is solid, but comes across occasionally disjointed, which makes the story stumble at times.  The characters are likeable, the sex is scorching, and the ending is satisfactory.  Play It Again, Sam has some rough spots, but the silver lining at the end does make this enjoyable reading.


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