Pitch Black by Leslie Parrish

Black CATs, Book 2


Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-0451227713

Reviewed by Jo



Special Agent Alex Lambert has been transferred into the Black CAT unit, not because he wants to be there, but it's his last chance to continue as an agent after a bad investigation left his partner dead.  Alex walks into a morning briefing on a case that suddenly brings his past case to the present.  Will Alex have a chance to finally capture the murderer he has been investigating for several years?

Samantha Dalton runs a website devoted to debunking swindlers who trick victims online with schemes.  She started her personal mission after a family member was destroyed by such a scheme. Sam runs a blog on her site and answers emails to anyone who asks for information or an opinion.  This brings her to Alex's attention when an email is discovered on a murder victimís computer.

Sam and Alex meet when it appears that one of her recent followers has been murdered.  Sam is shocked to find out that not only was he killed by the perpetrator of this email scheme, but that it is a pattern.  More shocking to both Sam and Alex is when they discover that the murderer seems to be focusing on Sam.  The question is why and just how closely is he following Sam?  The tension is getting as hot as the relationship between Sam and Alex as the days go by.  Plans are constructed by the team, but it might be too late for Sam to escape whatever the murderer has planned for her. 

What to do when your life has been turned upside down unexpectedly?  Pitch Black asks that question of both Samantha and Alex but for very different reasons.  Samantha is determined that no one will be swindled again if she can help it.  Alex has been transferred to the black sheep team as a chance to regain his career.  I once again fell into the twisted plot that Ms. Parrish constructed with great suspense and characters you would love to have as friends. The actual murderer was a surprise to me as I had decided on someone with a totally different profession.  I just know that when the murderer is unveiled, most readers will be surprised.  On a side note, I was upset when one of my favorite characters was killed.  I had hoped that the character would have a romance in the future.   The pop and sizzle between Samantha and Alex combined with an intriguing suspense to make Pitch Black a must read for suspense lovers.


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