Percussive Maintenance by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox

Torquere Press

Contemporary Romance (M/M)

Reviewed by Sabella



Denny is angry at the world ever since he suffered a terrible accident that left him practically crippled and unable to do what he loves most – drive race cars. Denny resents everything in his life, from Sully’s kindness to his dependence on Sully to perform the most menial tasks.  Also, Denny hates himself for being gay and loving Sully the way he does. After all, being gay isn’t readily accepted by the general population.  Still, Sully is a patient man and is more than willing to do anything that Denny needs to get better – even if it costs him the pain of Denny’s rejection most of the time.

Percussive Maintenance is a great emotional story that is as hot as it is full of angst. After all, being crippled and depending on Sully does not sit well with Denny.  However, Sully is a solid man that is willing to stay the course that will lead him and Denny to the place they should be – partners that stick with each other no matter what.  I can’t wait to see where Anah Crow and Dianne Fox take these men next!  Percussive Maintenance is a good read for those readers that enjoy a little angst with their romance!


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