Pack Alpha by Crissy Smith

Were Chronicles, Book 1


Erotic Paranormal/Shape-shifter/Contemporary

ISBN:  978-1-907010-20-0

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Marissa Boyd is a werewolf unable to shift. Because of this, she has been ousted from belonging to any pack and that is just the way she likes it. She doesn’t want to have to live by their rules or by their prejudices.  As a non-shifting were, Marissa has been held in contempt more often than not, and a membership to any pack is usually withheld.  When her sister Elizabeth informs Marissa that she is having a formal mating ceremony and wants Marissa there, Marissa refuses to disappoint and agrees to travel to Elizabeth’s new pack.  She knows she will have a hard time following pack rules but is willing to do so long enough to get Elizabeth mated.  Finding her mate is something that she never in a million years would have thought would happen.  But it does and her mate just happens to be the Pack Alpha!

I found Pack Alpha to have a new twist on the same old shape-shifting novel.  Marissa is unable to shift into a wolf so therefore her worth as a mate and a person is next to nothing.  She yearns for acceptance and while she doesn’t verbalize this, it is more than apparent.  A pro at using defense mechanisms, I smiled more than once at Marissa’s audacious behavior towards Gage, the Pack Alpha.

Step into Crissy Smith’s world of werewolves with her new release, Pack Alpha – you will enjoy every single word!


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