Oriana And The Three WereBears by Tia Fanning

Resplendence Publishing

Erotic Paranormal

Reviewed by Jo



Oriana Ricci inherted her fatherís cargo flying business and is trying her best to make a go of it.  However, when a freak malfunction has her going down in a lake in the Kodiak Archipelago, things are looking pretty grim for her.  Tired, hungry and freezing, Oriana makes it to shore and begins to search for any way to contact civiliztion.  Stuck in the middle of the National Wildlife Refuge, Oriana is surprised to find a bunker that is not only lived in, but has freshly made dinner waiting for her.  Oriana doesnít want to intrude, but the smell of food and the chance of a soft bed overcome her misgivings.

Jack, Jordan and Jonathan McMathan are brothers who own and operate their security firm from the hidden bunker in the middle of the Refuge.  They work for the US Government, but that isnít the main reason why they live like they do.  The main reason is that they can turn into Kodiak bears at will.  None of them ever expected to be discovered by a sexy blond pilot who is bringing a fairy tale to life. But in this case, can all of them have the happily ever after?

Whatís a woman to do when she is faced with three very different, very sexy men?  In Oriana And The Three WereBears, Oriana soon finds she just canít chose only one and believes she might hurt the three brothers because of that.  The brothers McMathan had made a pact years before, never expecting to be able to fulfill it, until they find Oriana Ė one woman who could complete them all.  The emotions and sparks start flying when they meet, but misunderstandings also begin right away.  I had to smile when it became obvious to me that they all wanted the same thing but hadnít figured out a way to get it.  I was not surprised when Jack finally took over and set up the ground rules that proved to give everyone just what was needed.  Oriana And The Three WereBears is a fun and erotic romp with an unusual foursome. 


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