Naughty Rendezvous by Lexie Davis

Lust Bites



ISBN: 978-1-906811-68-6

Reviewed by Tanya



Gracie has had a crush on her wonderful boss since the day he hired her, though she seriously doubts his choice in women.  Case in point the ex who just dumped him publicly in the office.  What she doesnít know is that he was only dating the ex for social reasons.  Gracie has been the perfect assistant doing just about everything for him.  Too bad he doesnít seem to see her as a woman.  That changes when she sees his car and stops by a local bar to see how he is doing after the scene in the office.

Suddenly after a one night stand Gracie finds herself with a roommate and a man who thinks he is her boyfriend.  While it might be what she wanted it is all happening at a faster pace than she dreamed of and none of it seems to be in her control.

Be careful what you lust for you just might get it.  This is the lesson that Grace learns and not the way she had planned to.  Ms. Davis continues to make me smile with her story ideas and story lines.  I have become a fan of hers in a short time  I love the interaction between Chase and Grace, and when you throw in her motherís impromptu visit it will make all laugh.  I find myself smiling as I sit here thinking about Naughty Rendezvous.  It is definitely a story you should pick up for a quick summer read.


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