Naughty Nooners by Kaenar Langford, Carol Lynne, JP Bowie, Dakota Rebel, Cian Fey, and Jude Mason


Gay Anthology

ISBN: 978-1-906811-52-5

Reviewed by Cassie



“Indulge Me” by Kaenar Langford

When Keane Daniels gets an unsigned note asking him to come to a local gay spa for a sexy rendezvous, he’s not sure whether or not to go.  He’s been lusting after his boss, the sexy Rayche Marquette, for months and isn’t sure if he’s ready to move on.  When he finally decides to go, will the surprise he gets make him happy, or angry?

“Indulge Me” is a very hot story with a lot of very spicy sex.  Both Keane and Rayche are likeable characters, although not terribly developed.  The only problem I had with this one was how very quickly everything moved, but if you can suspend disbelief “Indulge Me” is an enjoyable tale.


“Dalton’s Awakening” by Carol Lynne

Lonely in the wake of a nasty divorce, Dalton Montgomery is more than willing to chat with the friendly bartender he meets at an Italian restaurant.  After all the horrible things his ex-wife said about him, all of Dalton’s friends have deserted him.  Then he starts to feel strange things for the bartender, Sal, and wonders if his wife might have been right about him…

“Dalton’s Awakening” is a sweet story.  I liked conflicted Dalton and (mostly) patient Sal.  The conflict is pretty realistic.  There are a few overwrought parts, but they were still quite entertaining, and I enjoyed “Dalton’s Awakening” a lot.


“Lunches in Laguna” by JP Bowie

Scott Stevenson loves taking lunch breaks in Laguna, looking at beautiful men and enjoying the weather.  One day he meets sexy art gallery employee Michael Taylor, and they make a lunch date.  Soon they’ve got a new routine, but is it just a temporary thing?

“Lunches in Laguna” is a spicy story with lots of conflict, but it didn’t resonate as much with me emotionally.  Scott and Michael were both interesting enough characters, what I knew of them, and there are some villains and interesting secondary characters.  I guess my issue was that the villains were a little too bad, and Scott and Michael got together too quickly for me to believe they were really in love when they said they were.


“Raven” by Dakota Rebel

Vampires Patrick and Kennedy run Raven, a nightclub, in order to feed on the sexual energy of its patrons.  Lately, Patrick has been getting tired of Kennedy’s flitting about, sleeping with everything that moves.  Will their long friendship end, or evolve into more?

There are some super hot scenes in “Raven.”  Fans of vampires and erotica will probably love the story.  I wasn’t keen on the ambiguous (at least I thought so) way the relationship was left at the end, or the addition of a third character. 


“Lust in the Afternoon” by Cian Fey

Ted Wayne, the resident computer geek at the Men for Men e-zine, is horrified when he learns that his boss needs him to do a little something extra.  Due to a horrible snowstorm, he’s supposed to fill in for the actor who was going to jerk off on camera for one of the e-zine’s most popular features.  Will having his crush, art director Gray Jeffries, working the camera ease his nerves, or make things worse?

“Lust in the Afternoon” is a scorching story.  There’s a lot of sex, and some voyeurism—a kink I’m quite fond of in stories.  Shy, nervous Ted was easy to sympathize with.  Unfortunately, the characters started throwing the l-word around after a way too short period of time.  That and a strange paranormal twist at the end made “Lust in the Afternoon” less enjoyable at the end than it started out being. 


“Lunch is Served” by Jude Mason

Philip needs a job, so he interviews for a position at the Gate Club, an exclusive gay sex club.  He’s immediately attracted to the owner, Mark Freeman, but is determined to hide his attraction.  Could his boss ever become Sir instead of sir? 

If you’re into leather and BDSM, “Lunch is Served” is the story for you.  There’s a lot of sexual tension and heat in the story.  Watching Philip try to understand and fit into the new world he’s joined is interesting.  While “Lunch is Served” wasn’t my favorite story in the anthology, it is a glimpse into the Dom/sub dynamic. 


Naughty Nooners is an anthology chock-full of quick, hot reads that just might be a good way to while away some extra time during a lunch break.  Don’t expect realism, but if you can suspend disbelief and not question things too much, Naughty Nooners is a fun anthology.


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