My Immortal Protector by Jen Holling



ISBN: (10) 1416525858 (13) 978-1416525851

Reviewed by Amelia



Deidra McKay has always had the ability to talk to the animals. When that ability brands her as a witch when she is younger she suppresses it, ignoring the critters that try to get into her mind. When she's older and a witch hunter comes to call, she decides she wants to get rid of her power. She leaves her father's home in search of a blood witch, who can strip her power away from her, or so she's been told.

With his back shattered from a gunshot wound, Stephen Ross hides away in his Scottish castle. When Deidra happens upon him and he hears of her quest he decides to go along, thinking the blood witch can help cure his back. But when she leaves him on their first night out, and is then captured by a witch hunter, Stephen knows he has to help her.

Together the two battle against the hunter and continue to search for the blood witch. But when they find her will she cure their problems, or make them worse?

I am a huge fan of Jen Holling's work, so I opened this book with great anticipation. I loved Deidra and Stephen. Deidra's battle against her gifts, which are persecuted during her time, was heartbreaking and I felt great sympathy toward her. I loved the way Stephen used his cunning mind to help save her. The two of them were delicious together.

And while I loved the characters, I'm not sure how I felt about the vampire storyline. I had hoped for a different ending, but when I realized it wasn't coming, I resigned myself to the couple's fate, even if it did feel as if it was a bad turn of events. To me, becoming a vampire meant Deirdra, who communed with the animals, was now destined to feed off of them. I found that a very distasteful idea. And it seemed to me as if it was being said that Stephen "wasn't whole" until he became a vampire.

As I said, I love Ms. Holling's work, and I enjoyed My Immortal Protector right up until the end. I will continue to read her work, however, since I find her style to be enjoyable and her stories to be well written. My Immortal Protector is loosely connected to Ms. Holling's Brides of the Bloodstone Trilogy.


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