Most Wanted by Sasha White


Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-0758228628

Reviewed by Jo



"Hidden Cravings"

Lexy Signorino is a very good PI, but even she was surprised to find an ex-lover on her doorstep with no warning.  Lexy is still trying to get over the overwhelming desire after a year.  Devon Kaye needs Lexy's helping in finding his cousin but he isn't against using their continued attraction to find out what happened.  After seeing that nothing has changed for either of them, Devon is willing to use their passions to get the happy ending they should have already had.  Besides he does guard bodies and Lexy has one terrific body.

Danger and getting shot at doesn't scare Lexy, but her feelings for Devon do.  "Hidden Cravings" shows both Lexy and Devon that sometimes passion at first sight can be a forever type of thing.  The investigation to find Devon's cousin might have gotten them back together but it was just the start.  The main question I found was if Devon could get Lexy to acknowledge those feelings and trust what they meant.  "Hidden Cravings" takes one sexy couple and proves that personal investigations are very best type.


"Unrestricted Access"

Jillian Furst designs websites during the day from home, which would be ideal except for the lust she experiences every time she sees her neighbor.  After being shot down every time she shows any interest, Jillian has decided to shoot for one extraordinary night.  Jackson Barrows is no novice to seduction, but he isn't use to being the one seduced.  Flowers and baked goods are showing up at the office from a secret admirer.  Jackson is intrigued but does he have the will to follow through with the fantasy night directions.  Both Jillian and Jackson have a sexual secret that could either bring them a special relationship or end them before they even begin.

What to do when your neighbor is too sexy for his shirt?  "Unrestricted Access" shows Jillian's answer all out seduction.  Jackson doesn't trust relationships after an extremely bad one; while Jillian requires a very special type of relationship.  A well planned out seduction begins it all. After starting and stopping while trying not to hurt the other, the night they began forever showed just how special their relationship was going to be.  "Unrestricted Access" was a role reversal that pulled at the heartstrings.


"No Angel"

Anna Blair is a mixture of good and evil who looks like an angel.  However, Anna is about as deadly as they come for one specific species demons.  Anna would love to have a family some day, but knows that it probably will never happen for her.  Gabriel Mann is a playboy who isn't sure what to believe about good, bad, demons, weres and other things that were recently brought to his attention.  That was until an attack happens after a night of pleasure unlike any other.  Anna might be able to fight them and win, but Gabriel is going to make sure that she is never alone doing it again if he has anything to say about it.   One night will never be enough for either Anna or Gabriel so the only option is to win this battle.

An angel with a demon's powers describes Anna in "No Angel".  Anna has spent her life trying to keep one step ahead of the demons that want something from her. Gabriel might now know about the "other" side of life but he knows that Anna is something special and he wants her in his life.  Finding out how to end the threat to Anna's life and their budding relationship, leads Gabriel to understand his new family members.  I especially loved the final battle and how it ended.  "No Angel" is more than a battle of good vs. evil it's a battle of love that trumps all.

Ever wonder just what happens to those great secondary characters in books? In Most Wanted Ms. White brings us three of them.  All three stories are extremely erotic and show just how you have to have trust along with love to make things work.  I always expect well-written and wonderfully erotic stories from Ms. White and was not disappointed by Most Wanted.  I did not want to put it down after beginning the first story and only stopped to work and drive home.  Most Wanted is a must read that will become a well-loved keeper in your library.


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