Mitch by Dakota Rebel


Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-907010-14-9

Reviewed by Lisa



The titles Federal Marshall and licensed bounty hunter give Mitch Baine the right to legally hunt down and kill monsters, such as rogue vampires and werewolves.  But on this night, Mitch is kicking back, enjoying an evening at the bar Torque and hoping to end a very long sexual dry spell.

Heartstrings is a hot rock band with lead singer Jarrod Axlerod, his brother Skip, and two other guys.  They are all either vampires or werewolves.

Instant attraction leads to a very sensual carnal encounter between two strangers in the back room.  Mitch is surprised to discover that he had a hot time with rock star Jarrod Axlerod and now he’s horrified to find out that Jarrod is his next sanctioned hit.  A special spark blazes between Mitch and vampire Jarrod.  How can Mitch kill the only person who makes him feel truly alive?

Author Dakota Rebel delivers a character driven tale of reckless desire and ultimate love.  Mitch is a hero boxed in by familial duty, deep down knowing that nothing he does will ever be good enough because of his sexual orientation.  All of the characters are interesting, yet none of them meet their potential.  Mitch doesn’t seem tough enough for his job and Jarrod seems beaten down and weak for a so called ‘strong’ vampire.  There are under currents and strong feelings in Mitch, however, it seems like there should be more emotional angst with everything going on in the plot. Mitch has sincere characters I grew to really like. but altogether I kept hoping for more.


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