Minder by Viola Grace

A Terran Times Novel

eXtasy Books


ISBN: 978-1-55487-307-4

Reviewed by Lisa



There is one last duty that Aleyn Zargas, Minder of the Alliance Protectorate of Terra needs to perform before she is completely free and her contract permanently fulfilled.  Aleyn has to breed, to bring another Minder into the universe.

King Baileez ĎBaií of Hickom always ensures that the bed partners he picks are not able to conceive.  Bai isnít interested in procreating.  He figures that he can name a successor at a later date.

Aleyn finds a perfect genetic match in Bai and manages to spend a night with him.  More importantly, Aleyn achieves her goal of conceiving an heir.  Now she has to get away without being caught by using her Minder talents to erase Baiís memories of their lovemaking.  Too bad for Aleyn, she doesnít know all that Bai is capable of and he doesnít like being tricked, not one bit.

Fast pacing and sensual lovemaking helps to make Minder a treat to read.  Minder revolves around the two central key players, Aleyn and Bai.  Both characters are strong willed, smart and used to winning.  The only glitch for me is how quickly Bai changes his tune concerning a wife and child.  His new attitude is only vaguely addressed.  Other than that one hiccup, Minder is very enjoyable and sizzling hot.  Definitely fun to read!


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