Man After Midnight by Devyn Quinn

Aphrodisia Books


ISBN: 13: 978-0-7582-2851-2

Reviewed by Lisa



She is a Wyr-witch by birthright, but for Danicia ĎDanií Wallace things arenít quite that simple, especially when her spells rarely work right.  These days Dani spends her time either in her basement apartment or on a stage stripping for a living.  Credit card debt is a nasty thing and Dani is determined to pay it off by taking it off as quickly as possible.

One fantastic night with a hunky mystery guy who watches her strip and Daniís life is changed forever.  The hot lover turns out to be Prince Casedren Teraketh of Sedah.  Casedren needs a mate in order to assume the throne from his father, King Bastien, who wishes to abdicate.  The problem lies with Casedrenís twin brother Cellyn.  Casedren is thoughtful and honorable while Cellyn is evil and vile.  Cellyn will stop at nothing to gain the throne, even murder.  Dani and Casedren will have to find a way to work together if they stand a chance to survive untill the new king is crowned.

Fantasy and sensual lovemaking seamlessly blend together in Man After Midnight.  Dani is an unsure heroine who manages to find courage and strength at the worst moments.  Casedren, however, is not always hero material. He occasionally lacks confidence and seems weak rather than brave at times.  Man After Midnight plunges our heroine into danger and another dimension which is richly detailed and fantastical.  Drop into a different world in Man After Midnight and follow Dani and her sexy lover on their adventure.


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