Made for Me by L.A. Day

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419922251

Reviewed by Jo



Kari Marston canít find a man to give her what she needs or wants, but she did see one not long ago who might do it.  Since it was in passing and Kari has no idea who the man is, she does the next best thingóshe orders a pleasure droid identical to him that will be made just to her specifics.

Maverick Spencer has been watching Kari for a while now.  He knows that she is a prime suspect for a new and deadly drug, but for some reason his body isnít buying what his brain knows.  When Maverick learns that Kari ordered a pleasure droid who looks exactly like him, it appears that he has found a way to get the ultimate proof of her guilt or innocence.  Doing his duty isnít going to be a problem for him.

Kari is stunned at the speed of delivery for her new droid.  She is also surprised at the sexuality that surrounds him, but he is a pleasure droid, right?  Kari and Maverick quickly learn that the sparks flying between them can become rockets.  But just what is going to happen when Kari finds out that her droid is human and investigating her?

The new wave of made-to-order sex toys are here!  Made for Me brings a scientist who canít get a sexual break and a cop who is ready to use everything at his command to get his woman.  Kari doesnít have the time to find the man of her dreams so she has him created.  Maverick needs to get into Kariís house and was given just the opening he needed.  The immediate fireworks between Kari and Maverick had me wondering just what type of lightning would strike when his secret came out.  Lust at first sight is one thing, but Kari and Maverick had more than that, which I think helped them past betrayals and let them work together to find the person behind the drug.  Made for Me begins hot and gets more erotic as the pages turn until the love shines through.


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