Legendís Passion by Jaci Burton

Devlinís Dynasty

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419922770

Reviewed by Jo



Dylan Maxwell, code name Legend, is on assignment for a strange type of serial killer.  The evidence is just not making any sense to anyone and there is no obvious pattern.  Now he is waiting in a dark park for an informant who may or may not know something about this killer.  Dylan is sure he is wasting his time, but on the off chance this woman knows something, he is waiting.

Chantal Devlin is an attorney who also happens to be a werewolf in serious need of letting off some steam.  She is in no hurry to mate with any of the wolves she knows and just doesnít do humans.  Chantal wants to make sure all she is getting is a night of awesome sex, so arrangements have been made with a strange wolf from another clan.  No time like the present to head to the park and experience the sex her system is craving. 

To say that Chantal and Dylan have a case of mistaken identities is an understatement.  While the sex is as amazing as advertised, soon afterwards Chantal realizes something is seriously wrong and calls for help.  Dylan is a human and now itís Chantalís responsibility to show him the ways of his new life.  Dylan realizes his experiences have just given him new insight on his case.  Chantal might think she is just going to get Dylan though this period of adjustment and leave, but he has another idea.  Dylanís new life is a snap, get through his first transformation, capture a killer and bag his mate all in a small amount of time.

One hot werewolf in need of some sexual relief, one sexy agent in the right place at the right time leads to an explosive hunt for a serial killer in Legendís Passion.  Chantal thinks she has arranged for the perfect night of mind-blowing sex and no repercussions.  Dylan is waiting on a mystery woman informant in the dark.  Right away, I could see that it was going to be a case of passion at first sight and yes, more than either of them ever expected from that night in the park.  I watched as Chantal guided Dylan and soon lost herself in him, while at the same time Dylan tried to do his job, but became sidetracked by Chantal and all she was coming to mean.  If characters with a sense of humor during difficult times, lots of hot and erotic sex, and hunting for a serial killer perk your interest, then Legendís Passion is a must read for you.  It was for me and is now a firm keeper in my erotic library.


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