Itís Raining Men by Crystal Jordan

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-536-8

Reviewed by Jo



Candy is a werewolf and a chef.  Tonight she is celebrating her birthday and being tormented beyond belief.  Candy discovered that her mate was her best friendís brother, so it should have been an easy deal.  But she also found out that he was gay and she has been suffering for a year now.

Michael Trent is Candyís best friendís brother and a businessman.  He was asked to come and help Candy celebrate her birthday by his sister.  Michael came with expectations of his own.  If all goes the way he wants, this night will be very special indeed.  Stephen Parthon is a Fae-siren jazz singer and Michaelís lover, much to Candyís surprise. 

An even worse surprise is finding out that Stephen is also her mate.  What a life, two sexy men who act like they are coming on to heróboth her mates and both gay.  When Candy has had enough, itís up to Michael and Stephen to show Candy that sometimes your dreams can come true.

Itís Raining Men takes one hurting werewolf, two sexy menóone human and the other Faeófrom a low to a spectacular high.  Candy just wanted to hear a singer and have a simple birthday celebration.  Michael and Stephen love each other and plan on giving Candy her birthday wish, if they can get her to take them seriously for a few minutes.  Watching Candy suffer for something she didnít think she could have, but wanting her mates to be happy made me wonder about the underlying humor I found.  But when the night continued and Michael and Stephen sprung their surprise, I knew that all three would be just fine.  I loved the humor mixed with eroticism, which ran from the first page to the last.  Itís Raining Men is a must have for your erotic and mťnage library. 


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