I'm Sorry by Christiane France

Amber Allure

Amber Quill Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-487-7

Reviewed by Lisa



Ten years ago, a rubber chicken black-tie event sat Reese Harmer next to Chad Varaday.  Passion burned bright and attraction became commitment as they decided to leave the East Coast to begin a new life together on the West Coast.

Something happened however on the night they planned to fly out from JFK.  From missed communication to false messages their love was destroyed.

It took time, a long time, but Chad is now over Reese.  At least he thinks so, until an unexpected glance in a Las Vegas hotel brings it all back.  Should they even bother trying to figure out what went wrong or keep going their own way?  The burn is still there between them but so much time is gone.  It's just an evening drink to catch up, right?

Author Christiane France manages to convey all the pain and hurt the characters felt a decade ago when everything went south as well as the scars they still carry.  But, while true love can last a lifetime even with insurmountable difficulties Reese and Chad stretch credulity in the last pages. I'm Sorry has solid emotional depth but their happily ever after while wonderful is questionably quick.


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