Iain and Kelsey by Lynn Crain

Captive Illusions Book 1

eXtasy Books

Paranormal, Erotic Romance, Ménage

ISBN: 1-55410-557-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Kelsey is ‘coerced’ into revealing her deepest, darkest fantasies.  It is one thing to dream of being abducted and forced to submit to a forbidden lover, or to imagine an encounter with otherworldly beings.  What happens at the moment of truth?  Is it possible to cross the line into reality? 

Lynn Crain pushes the erotic envelope in Iain and Kelsey until its bulging on every side.  I’m certainly pleased she does it so well.  Her graphically descriptive style will leave you overheated while challenging the boundaries of modesty, real or imagined.  Scenes are so carefully drawn out towards each climax (pun intended), I can guarantee that you’ll feel as if you had your face pressed to the glass like a dieter outside a pastry shop. Of course, this means that this talented author has succeeded in meeting eXtasy Books’ special standards in the arena of unique narrative meets unbridled naughtiness.  What this story conveys is sheer uninhibited mind freeing pleasure, the kind that allows you to escape into yourself for a taste of prohibited satisfaction.  Being able to read it in black and white is all about champagne and caviar, fantasy fulfilled extras.   Consume to your heart’s content without the guilt and savor the last drop.


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