Hellbaby by Minx Malone

Cobblestone Press

Dark Erotic Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60088-177-0

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Helena aka Hellbaby is wincing from another failed relationship.  She takes full responsibility for being dumped again.  Itís hard enough being part angel, part demon, but when you call out someone elseís name in your sleep thereís bound to be relationship issues.  The toughest part is not getting over her first love that vanished after their brief time together.  Maybe thatís why she keeps calling out his name.  He was the only one capable of withstanding everything she is and returning it full measure.  Her plan is to go to Underworld to find out what happened to her him.

Upon arriving sheís captured by Abbadon, Lord Destroyer, and heís totally different from the slender youth of her past.  In return for her freedom and an audience with her father, he proposes that she remain in his custody for three days.  Helenaís feelings have not faded.  Will she be able to withstand the intimacy of being with him again?

A hot story that never stumbles, Hellbaby is visually vibrant and thumbs a nose at the more traditional concepts of angel and demon.  The demons are carnal, sinister and brutally virile.  The angels have a unique strength thatís hinted at and stems from the ability to love, forgive and protect.  Helena is caught in the middle of the greedy skirmish and while he tries to protect her, her lover knows that it will test the limits of their bond and reignited love.  The entire time I hoped for a happy and victorious ending for this star-crossed pair.  I wasnít disappointed either.

Anything and everything happens in the brief expanse of this story, and itís amazing how much is wonderfully compressed into the plot with concentrated effect.  Iím interested in reading more of this authorís work after the impression this powerful, gritty and erotically charged story made on me.


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