Heating Up by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox

Torquere Press

Contemporary Romance (M/M)

Reviewed by Sabella



Denny is still struggling to come to terms with the damage his accident has caused to his leg, especially since it doesnít seem to be getting any better. Sadly, Denny knows that itís mostly his fault by skipping the painful physical therapy sessions and trying to push himself too hard to get better sooner than his body would like.  Still, in the midst of it all, Sully is always there to help, even when Denny doesnít want it.

Heating Up continues the emotional story of Denny and Sully and their struggles to survive all that Dennyís accident has caused.  However, now Denny is coming to terms with his healing injury and the fact that Sully still loves him no matter what he looks like or what he can do.  Heating Up is a good read for those readers that enjoy a little angst with their romance and packed with plenty of heat!


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