Half Were House by Mima, Celia Kyle and Darragha Foster

Liquid Silver Books

Erotic Shapeshifter/Anthology

ISBN 978-1-59578-520-6

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



“Tail Over Whiskers” by Darragha Foster

Blaze is a banished werecat.  Unlike normal shape shifters in her race, she is unable to shift at will.  The only time she is able to shift is during sexual gratification – which in turns leads to more problems – especially if she is having sex with a human.  Blaze finds herself needing the touch of another person and goes to a human bar to get what she needs.  There she finds Jack, a handsome human lawyer, or so she thinks.  It seems that Jack has a few secrets of his own, the most important one being that he is a dog.  Literally. 

Sparks fly in this surprising funny and good novella.  Darragha Foster kept the action going and the eroticism sexy.  Jack and Blaze are like oil and water and their relationship was anything but easy.  Hormones are raging and love is made.  Tail Over Whiskers is a hoot!


“Earning Her Stripes” by Mima

Meg has come to Half Were House to strive to be dutiful.  She has been thrown out of her pride for her inability to shift completely and while they don’t respect her, Meg knows that she has to return to her teaching position.  Travelling to her pride’s town isn’t easy for Meg but she knows that in order to have any life, she has to first come to the grips with what she is.  Asking for shelter from women she thought were her friends, Meg is turned down by all three.  Help comes in the form of farmer Ben Watson, a man who brings out the tiger in her.

I felt so sorry for Meg at the beginning of this novella.  She had been run out of town because she was unable to shift but then I started seeing how strong she was.  How determined.  With the help of Ben, her true nature showed itself and I loved reading every single word of Earning Her Stripes.


“Piece of Tail” by Celia Kyle

Daniel and Patrick are lovers.  They adore each other but they also desire Gina, a woman who works for Patrick.  Gina desires both men as well but for one problem.  She is a half shifter – and they aren’t.  That wouldn’t be so bad but the only thing that shifts on her is her tail.  It is hard enough to keep her nature hidden but it would be near impossible to keep it hidden from Patrick and Daniel because anytime Gina is aroused, her tail shifts free.  Will this stop Gina from taking what Patrick and Daniel seem to be offering?

I loved Piece of Tail! Gina’s inability to fully shift was hard for her to accept but I found myself grinning every time her tail shifted because most of the time it shifted on its own.  Patrick and Daniel were sexy as all get out and their attraction to Gina is what made this sinfully erotic so enjoyable. 

Half Were House is a great anthology.  Each novella brought tears of laughter to my eyes and made me sigh in happiness for the love that these three outcasts found with their mates.  Each novella was well written, blazing hot, and totally engaging.  Half Were House is a great anthology!


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