Fyre Brand by Lora Leigh

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419923357

Reviewed by Jo



Carmella Dansford is a Fyrebrand, which means she can create fire out of nothing.  But more important is the fact that she and her two sisters are some of the direct descendants of the Tyre.  Because of how mad the Tyre became, there is a government agency (PSI) trying to locate all of his bloodline and itís not usually for good things, from what Carmella has been told.  She is worried about her lover Torren, who has disappeared.  Fearing that the PSI might have him, Carmella is taking risks to find and rescue him.  All is fine until a mysterious stranger affects Carmella sexually and strangely, Torren seems fine with it.

Torren and Ryder are both after Carmella for the same reason.  They both know that she is theirs and have no problems sharing her.  But they have to figure out a way to show Carmella a truth she not only wonít see but, could become dangerous to her if she doesnít see.  Torren and Ryder each have psychic powers that when combined could make them a strong trio.  In order for any of them to ever know this, Torren and Ryder have to convince Carmella to trust them completely and hand over control to themóand trust isnít a word that is usually in her vocabulary.

One powerful woman with the power to destroy learns the power of trust in Fyre Brand.  Carmella just wants to stay out of the PSIís hands and locate her missing lover.  Torren and Ryder know they have to defeat Carmella in order to save her.  I watched as three strong minds fought to have control; it was a very erotic struggle that brought all three of them to the ultimate and perfect triangle of love.  I know this was an earlier work from Ms. Leigh, yet once again she does not disappoint.  Fyre Brand is an erotically fantastic way to spend a few hours.  If you decided to read this over the summer, might I suggest having a fan and a cool drink close by?


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