Full Moon Mating by Stormy Glenn

Wolf Creek Pack, Book 1

Siren Publishing

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 1-60601-300-9

Reviewed by Lisa



For two years Nathan ‘Nate’ Summers has managed to elude his captor known only as the Teacher.  Nate has a special gift, a psychic talent the Teacher uses for monetary and personal gain.  He knows that he must keep moving to avoid being captured and controlled once more.

The town of Wolf Creek looks like any other town on the surface but underneath lies a huge secret.  Many of the people who live in Wolf Creek are actually werewolf shifters.

A general store burglary brings Nate and Sheriff Joe Nash together.  Soon after they meet Joe realizes that Nate is his mate.  Joe has every intention of wooing Nate and then mating him. But, Nate knows it’s only a matter of time if he stays in one place too long the Teacher will find him.  Can Nate trust Joe to protect him and can Joe trust Nate to stay forever?  It does all come down to a simple matter of trust.

Author Stormy Glenn gives readers another fun, steamy and suspense filled tale in Full Moon Mating.  There is a large cast of great characters yet the heroes manage to stand out with heart, intelligence and carnal encounters.  No big surprises in Full Moon Mating but that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment factor!  You can always count on Ms. Glenn for a good story and Full Moon Mating is total entertainment.


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