Frost Maiden by Michelle M. Pillow

Space Lords

New Concepts Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60394-119-8

Reviewed by Jo



Lady Josselyn of the House of Craven fought for her family, home and life before being frozen in stone.  Now she has been awaken into a new time and finds herself alone and feeling lost.  Josselyn knows that before she dies, she must correct the wrongs done to her family and restore their honor. 

Evan Cormier is an empath and a space pirate who is trying to figure out a foreboding premonition given to him and most of his crewmates.  While working this out on the ship, his captainís wife discovers a very old box that gives a mysterious clue.  A clue that just might lead to treasure; no pirate crew can resist checking out the information.

Evan is instantly captivated by Josselyn, but her inner pain might just be the end of him.  He and the rest of the crew are trying to put Josselyn at ease in her new world, but when the crew believes that itís either Evan or Josselyn that can be saved, harsh steps are taken to separate them.  Josselyn strikes out to regain her honor while Evan battles to show everyone that the only way he will ever be okay is to be rejoined with Josselyn, before its too late for both of them.

What if you woke up in a totally new world?  In Frost Maiden, this happens to Lady Josselyn.  Evan canít figure out how to shield himself from Josselynís pain while trying to help her adjust.  Josselyn is falling for Evan, but first she must reclaim her familyís lost honor.  Destiny had many things in store for Josselyn and death just wasnít one of them yet.  I watched as Josselyn and Evan fell in love, but lack of communication endangered not only them but the crew.  When it all fell apart, Evan was a true hero to save not only Josselyn, but himself and their budding love.  Frost Maiden will keep you wondering and flipping pages, a bittersweet romance that will leave you smiling.


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