Faire Justice by Michelle Pillow

New Concepts Publishing

Futuristic Romance

Reviewed by Jo



Leda Williams is an FBI agent on the hunt for a serial killer at a Renaissance Faire.  Not where you would normally look, but with the killerís weapon of choiceóa maceóit fits.  Leda is pretending to listen to her fortune, too bad she is psychic and knows she is hearing garbage.  But it gets interesting when a tall, dark and seriously handsome man walks by the same time she is told to expect to meet a special one.  Maybe there is something to this fortune after all.

Sir Calum, a knight, travels with the Faire along with his family. Calum has been the tournament champion for years running and when he gets Leda to offer a favor if he wins. Itís a given that he will collect.  Calum is more than just the tournament champion; he has a secret and a reason for living and traveling with the Renaissance Village.  Getting Leda into his tent is the first thing on Calumís list, but when it becomes apparent that something strange is going on, Calum is determined to find out just why Leda is at the village.  An old enemy has resurfaced and puts both Leda and Calum in harms way.  Will the magic of the Renaissance be enough to save them?

An FBI agentódressed like a Ladyóand a sexy knight meet up and sparks fly in Faire Justice.  Leda is just one member of a team out to get a killer.  Calum knows just who Leda might be to him, but something is off about it.  There was a mischievous and sensual wind when Leda saw Calum while getting her fortune told.  When Calum won his favor, sparks and passion flew free with a trace of humor.  I could tell that something or someone was trying to focus on Calum but I never would have guessed who or why.  As a true believer of magic, I have to say that Ms. Pillow delivers in spades with Leda and Calum.  Faire Justice is a keeper, filled with passion, magic, murder and of course, love.


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