Fae by Email by A.J. Cove

New Concepts Publishing


ISBN: 973-1-60394-041-2

Reviewed by Patrice F.



For the past 10 years, Mai has been forced to work for Jeb under hellish conditions.  She cannot escape him or the dark secret he wields to keep her enslaved.   When she stumbles upon Faemail.com, Mai meets a gorgeous hunk Fallon.  The strangest part is he refers to himself as Fae.  Although Mai is wildly attracted to him, he could be dangerous or just plain crazy.  Itís getting harder and harder to ignore or deny her feelings or the odd things that keep happening all around her.  Things that could only be described as magical and Fallon seems to be the main source of it all.

The most inventive part about fantasy stories like Fae by Email is when an author crosses the human world with the Fae realm in their writing by successfully blending technology and magic, fancy and reality.  Mai is set free while she is using her computer; the concept of online dating takes a different twist when she literally makes contact with a man living in a different universe.   This story brought a smile to my face as I got to know Mai and Fallon.  The brisk glimpses into the Fae realm teased me, and the use of magic is liberally used.  Iíve never particularly cared for narratives where authors attribute too many human characteristics to supernatural characters.   Why bother or put forth the effort when you can just write a fantasy story with humans? 

Fae by Email is solid fantasy romance with a new gloss of modern day glitter.   Mai is feisty and independent, determined to set things right without waiting for anyone to save her.  Fallon is strong, capable and caring, a hero who revels in the oppressively intense sexual attraction between them without abusing Maiís trust, though heís not above teasing her to get his wicked way.  All and all, I was delighted by this story from start to finish.


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