Fade to Black by Leslie Parrish

Black CATs, Book 1


Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-0451227485

Reviewed by Jo



Dean Taggert is part of the new Black CAT (Cyber Action Team) in the FBI.  Dean has seen many things while being in the FBI and before the transfer in to the CAT group.  But the video he is watching now tops anything he has ever seen.  At first it is thought to be a phony snuff film, but it becomes very evident that it is an actual and grisly murder.  Dean and his group also discover that this is not the only one done by the same person and they decide to test out their fledgling wings and grab this case for CAT.

Stacey Rhodes has come home and is the current sheriff of her sleepy little town.  The high point of her job is usually the patrols as drunks are leaving the bar on the weekend.  But she does have one cold case a missing person matter that is a year old.  While Stacey isn't even sure that the town bad girl is even really missing, she does keep updating the missing persons databases.  Imagine her surprise when after one normal weekly update, Stacey receives a call from the FBI.

Dean knows much more about their serial killer, nicknamed The Reaper, by the time he travels to meet with Stacey.  It appears that a cyber club called "Satan's Playground" which caters to every type of deviant behavior is involved.  Dean and Stacey meet each other, they are surprised with an attraction to each other.  Stacey might be a small town sheriff now but that is not how she began in law enforcement and is quick to pick up on the unsaid facts.  Unraveling a deadly chain of clues begins to bring them closer to The Reaper and while this is going on, it seems that Stacey's small town is exploding with crime that has been slowly building.  When Stacey and Dean quit denying their building passion for each other, it becomes much more than either expected.  Danger is coming closer as The Reaper goes for the ultimate kill.  To defeat The Reaper, Stacey will have to accept that it's someone she knows and use her inside knowledge of her citizens to help Dean and his team.

One small town sheriff with a past and one FBI agent trying for a new future search for sociopath serial killer in Fade to Black.  Stacey needed to escape for a bit and returned home to become the sheriff.  Dean transferred into CAT to try and have a better life for his son.  Both Stacey and Dean were instantly characters I could believe in from their first meeting to their falling in love and finally to admitting that love.  I truly enjoyed the suspense and scattering of clues as the plot unrolled before me.  When I learned the identity of the killer, I discovered that I was close but not correct in figuring out the killer.  Fade to Black is Ms. Parrish's first romantic suspense and if this is what is to come, I will be in line for her next adventure.  Fade to Black is like a wonderful maze with clues, red herrings, great suspense and of course a love story with a happy ending.  A book you will want to re-read just to see what clues you missed the first time.


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