Edward Unconditionally by Lynn Lorenz

Common Powers, Book 3

Loose Id

M/M Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-910-2

Reviewed by Ley



Visiting his grandmother, whom he had not seen in years turns into a major ordeal for Edward Paul Beauregard when his car is pulled over by the Spring Lake Local Police Chief Jack Whittaker.  His run in with the officer is pure mayhem that ends with Edward's dog being detained for the weekend, and Edward very much attracted to the older, sexy and supposedly straight Chief of Police   Receiving mixed signals from Jack has Edward thoroughly confused.  Dealing with his feelings for Jack, being without his dog and coming to terms with his grandmother's failing health may be too much for Edward's normally carefree life to handle.

Jack has done a good job in keeping his true self hidden from the people of Spring Lake.  The people of the town respect Jack, and that was something he wasn't prepared to lose, but Edward an openly gay, very flamboyant and extremely sexy man was about to have a huge impact on his life.  Will Jack have the courage to go for what he wants and give Edward what he need?

Edward Unconditionally is a wonderful and touching story.  Edward shows a flamboyant persona on the outside but on the inside he was a sweet man with a wonderful heart who just wants someone to love him as he is. His connection to his dog Winston was so sweet, as an animal lover that just made me love Edward even more. Jack kept his life in tight control and luckily Edward came into his life when he did. He saved Jack's life, literally, and he saved Jack from living a lonely life.  There is so much to love about this story, beginning with being able to visit with the other couples of the series, especially Sammi from the first book in the series.  Edward Unconditionally is a must read from Lynn Lorenz, I adored this story and look forward to more from this author.


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