David's Dilemma by Lynn Lorenz

Amber Quill Press

Amber Allure

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60272-513-3



Having a homophobic, bigoted father was hard enough for David, but it becomes almost unbearable when his father, now suffering from Alzheimerís disease, came to live with him.  Davidís life changed drastically to where it only consisted of work and being his fatherís caretaker, and David was finding it to be a very lonely life.  Between work and worrying about his father having a love life was impossible, but ironically it was because of his father he meets Detective Travis Hart, a man who has David longing for all that his life was missing.

Travis just broke up with someone and was not looking to get involved with anyone else, but David was so unlike his ex-boyfriend that it was difficult for him to fight the attraction he felt for David.  The more Travis got to know David the more he realized he didnít want just sex from David, he wanted love, friendship and of course sex, but Davidís life maybe to complicated at the moment to give Travis everything he wanted from him.

Davidís Dilemma is a very intense and emotionally trying story.  The real relationship of this story wasnít between David and Travis, but between David and his father. The strong tension and anxiety had me on edge thinking something huge and very bad was going to happen and it had me feeling for David because no matter what it was it was going to change his life.

As for David and Travisí romance I liked them but I felt their characters needed a bit more development, they transcended from strangers to best friends and confidantes with the reader not really seeing how that happened.  Their friendship was nice and refreshing but romantically they came across as reserved instead of two men who were crazy for each other, there wasn't much passion in their relationship for me.  I do want to commend Lynn Lorenz on the Alzheimer's aspect of the story, from my personal experience, I felt she covered that part very well.  Davidís Dilemma is a good story and it will leave readers who are familiar with Davidís situation very moved.


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