Dangerous by Monica Burns



ISBN: 1-59998-882-8

Reviewed by Amelia



Constance Athelson doesn’t flaunt the fact she can talk to spirits. Left a widow after her husband died on an expedition in Egypt, she allows her friend to talk her into attending the Black Widow’s Ball dressed as Isis, the Egyptian goddess. There she has a passionate encounter with a masked man. The vision she has afterward, though, frightens her and she runs from her lover, despite the fact she feels drawn to him.

Lucien Blakemore, Earl of Lyndham, has searched high and low for Isis. When he can’t find her he decides to retreat to his home to talk with the man he recently hired to catalogue his Egyptian artifacts. When he arrives he finds his new employee is not a man, but a woman. And she’s also his Isis.

Despite the attraction, though, Lucien battles against something permanent. The curse on the Blakemore men means his attraction to Constance can only end in tragedy. Can Constance’s love save him from his eventual spiral into madness that has caused death in the last generations of Blakemores, or will Constance help Lucien to get to the bottom of the curse, so they can be together forever?

Hot and erotic, Dangerous pulls at the reader’s heartstrings. I fell in love with Constance and Lucien from their first encounter. Both of them face demons of their own, and are strong-willed. The way they battled them, and came to the eventual conclusion, kept me turning the pages and rooting for their happily ever after.

Dangerous is full of interesting side characters who added to the mix. I enjoyed the way Ms. Burns kept me guessing right until the end. I adore things with Egyptian mythology, and a good ghost story always pulls me in. Dangerous has both of those elements, and is sure to charm readers.


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