Dancing with Your Heart by Anika Hamilton


M/M Fantasy

ISBN: 1-60601-401-3 

Reviewed by Ley



Caden Eliot has been Fabian Baxter’s secret crush for as long as he’s known the town’s blacksmith. Fabian never thought he’d feel for another person what he felt for Caleb, but a secret admirer shows him differently. Now when Caleb starts to show an interest in Fabian, Fabian is left confused as to who should have his heart.

Caden has always loved Fabian, but never knew how to approach him. When

Caden finds the courage to show Fabian how he feels, the choices he makes may lead to him losing Fabian forever.

Dancing with Your Heart is a sweet whimsical story.  Caden and Fabian have loved each other for a long time, but both were unable to let the other know.  Misunderstanding and poor judgment stood in the way of their happiness and led to near tragedy.  I liked the fancifulness of Dancing with Your Heart. It was a lovable story that left me smiling.


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