Christmas Knight by Alecia Monaco

Ginger Snaps Series

Changeling Press

Fantasy, Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59596-614-8

Reviewed by Patrice F.



When Nox Blackthorne arrives at the door of witch Marisol St. Claire on Christmas Eve, she cannot turn the fatally wounded knight back out into the blizzard.  She decides to use her sexual healing gifts to save him, although itís risky and could cost her life.  In the war devastated land of Amberlyn, all magic has been banned by the new oppressive usurper.  Marisol isnít sure what side Nox is on; he could be a spy sent to turn her over to the authorities.  Once things get hot and heated in the throes of sex magic, the lines are blurred.  Marisol and Nox discover a rare and wondrous gift on this special night.

Romance always saturates Alecia Monacoís stories along with a big heaping dose of eroticism; Christmas Knight comes loaded with these added touches.  Although the sex scenes scorch up the pages, the emotional connection between her characters is clearly marked, and Nox and Marisol are no exception.  Itís only fitting that two people on the wrong side of right find one another at a time where the best gifts are the ones that donít come in wrapping and arenít paid for with currency.


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