By Degrees by JB McDonald

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60370-410-6

Reviewed by Ley



Tim needed to be in constant control of his life. Most of his childhood was spent in foster homes, now as an adult he is able to determine what happens in his life. But his need to stay in control also means he never allows himself to feel anything real and relinquishing control is very difficult for him.  When a childhood friend comes to stay with him while relocating to a new job, Timís tightly managed world begins to spin out of control as the friendship he shares with Conner turns in a new direction.

Conner was used to Timís need to be in charge. He was aware of his friendís childhood and all of his other little complexes, and not one of them could make him care for Tim any less. He accepted Tim as he was.  When their friendship becomes much more, Timís tight reign on keeping everything under his control just might destroy the best thing to ever happen to him

By Degrees was a great story.  Tim was a lost soul when it comes to expressing his feelings. He had built so many walls against the world that lowering them could literally destroy him.  Conner had the patience of a saint when it came to Tim. I absolutely adored him, and I loved how he helped Tim confront his emotions. Going from friends to lovers was not easy. Actually most of the circumstances surrounding their relationship were not typical and far from easy, starting with how Conner revealed his secret feelings and then the emotional struggle that raged within Tim before he began to allow Conner in.  The secondary characters surrounding Conner and Tim included family, friends, and foes only added to the quirky and emotional drama of this story. By Degrees was full of heart, love, and angst. It left me loving Tim and Conner and wishing for more.


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