By Chance by Cat Grant

Courtland Chronicles Series, Book 3

Lyrical Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-0-9824170-4-1

Reviewed by Lisa



A life of privilege and wealth doesn’t necessarily equate to a life of ease.  Eric Courtland can definitely testify to that.  For more years than he can remember Eric has hated his father and tried to protect his weak willed, suicidal mother from herself.

At the other end of the spectrum, college football quarterback Nick Thompson has grown up on a small farm with two loving, caring, responsible parents.

For Eric the only way to survive emotionally is to keep everyone at a distance.  He even pays extra to have a dorm room to himself.  Circumstances however dictate that Eric must share his room with Nick.  These young men from very different backgrounds have to find a way to get along - one openly gay and the other sexually inexperienced.  Eric can only handle one night stands with strangers while Nick is still waiting for ‘the one’.  This is going to be a very rocky semester or a wonderful learning experience. It’s their choice.

By Chance is most definitely a welcome addition to the Courtland Chronicles Series by talented author Cat Grant.  Fans of this series and new readers will enjoy this emotional roller coaster ride filled with heartache, wonder, and pure love.  Ms. Grant ably gives us a complex traumatized hero in Eric as well as naïve, well meaning Nick.  By Chance is at times gut wrenching, but ultimately very satisfying.


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