Bound to Him by Ava March

Bound by Deception, book 2

Loose Id

M/M Historical

ISBN: 978-1-59632-928-7

Reviewed by Ley



For the past six months Lord Vincent Prescotís life has been exactly where he wanted it.  He had prestige, wealth, respect, and lived the high life of the London society.  Most important, he had the devotion of Lord Oliver Marsden, his best friend and lover whose sexually submission to Vincent leaves him craving for more.

Oliver has loved Vincent for years, and through a bold move he was finally able show Vincent just how much.  Six months later, Oliver wants more from Vincent.  Sexually things are perfect between them, but emotionally Vincent treats Oliver as his dirty little secret.  Oliverís belief that Vincent does care for him, but is afraid to show it, is what keeps him waiting for Vincent to come around. However, when Vincent announces he plans to marry, Oliver knows he has to find the strength to move on.

When faced with losing Oliver, will Vincent finally tell him how much he truly means to him?

Bound to Him is a fantastic follow-up to Bound by Deception. It was the morning after and then some that I was hoping for after reading the prequel. Oliver was such a sweet guy in the prequel, and it was Oliver again who made me love Bound to Him.  I wasnít too crazy about Vincent in this book. He came across a lot more self absorbed and very oblivious to Oliverís feelings, but every now and then glimpses of the man Oliver loved did shine through. There was quite a bit of angst in this follow-up and I loved it.  Readers who enjoyed Bound by Deceptions will also enjoy Bound to Him.


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