Blood Ties by Cathryn Fox

Samhain Publishing

Futuristic Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60504-226-8

Reviewed by Chris



The year is 3020. Alien vampires have tried to take over Earth with armies of half-human/half-vampire creatures called Nallies. More powerful than either a human or a vampire, these hybridized creatures combine the best attributes of both species and then some. Earth troops believe they have murdered all the Nallies, but rumors abound that one may have survived. The vampire, Grayson, is determined to find her and rebuild his super army.

Enter Dari Blake, the sole surviving female Nallie. Naïve virgin Dari lives in a Canadian commune sheltered from technology and the ways of the world. In fact, she doesn’t even know she is a Nallie. She thinks her superhuman strength, ability to see in the dark, and her longevity are due a rare blood disorder.

Mikel Sare, our would be hero, would like to keep it that way. Mikel is the sole surviving male Nallie and—you guessed it—Dari’s destined mate. However, if the two were ever to meet in person their psychic signature would be apparent to Grayson and they’d be found out. Instead, Mikel meets her in her dreams and they engage in delicious dream sex.

When the commune is attacked, Dari must flee. With the aid of Mikel’s trusted alien friend Ayden, Dari is brought to Mikel’s castle in England. There, the three of them must figure out a way to defeat Grayson. A blood exchange between Dari and Mikel may be the only way to save their lives…if they can survive the post-blood-sharing energy chaos. Oh, did I mention Mikel and Ayden are not only friends but sexual partners? That Ayden also has a female partner who joins this threesome later on, making it a foursome? That the virgin Dari goes from virgin to ménage a trois partner to orgy participant? Eek.

Being a closet Christine Feehan fan, I did enjoy the destined mate/vampire vibe going on in the story. The sex scenes are well-written and carefully choreographed. A quick happily-ever-after read with a dose of paranormal, a sprinkling of futuristic stuff, and a heaping handful of erotica, Blood Ties won’t fail to satisfy the casual reader. My issue, however, lies with Dari and her character development. I understand in the short story format there is not a lot of room for character growth, but to take a virgin (and yes, even though she had mind sex, she was still a physical virgin) and fast-forward her to group sex in a handful of pages is asking a lot of the reader. While not quite too-stupid-to-live, Dari’s ignorance of herself and her origins and her quick acceptance of her situation, does put a damper on an otherwise great read. If you don’t need your heroines to be kick-ass, this is a quality read.


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