Blind Date by Selena Kitt


Paranormal, Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-59426-682-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Called “the pretty one” in the family, Annie surpasses both Chloe and Rebecca in looks.  Her sisters are married.  She’s alone and without a special man in her life-that is until Eric.  He’s perfect.  Come hell or high water, Annie’s not giving up until she finds him again.

Selena Kitt wickedly wields her pen with finesse in this contemporary version of Cupid and Psyche that is oh so sleek, smart and hip.  With a story like Blind Date, I couldn’t go wrong.  The intro starts off mysterious, explodes into hot eroticism and catapults Annie off into a series of trials and tasks featuring a fascinating roster of remarkable characters.  Ms. Kitt has her lascivious way with this mythological classic and it’s all fresh and downright inventive.  There’s humor, intrigue and danger lurking around every corner when Annie/Psyche attempts to track down Eric/Cupid.  And as expected, the poor darling is constantly waylaid by his scheming mother.  I appreciated the surprise ending that was not quite a shocker (after having read the original tale) but worked brilliantly as a plot twist.  The imagery, metaphor and well-researched Greek and historical references make for an excellently written variation of a story that’s as timeless as Love.


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