Betrayed by Cassie Stevens

Addicted series, book 3

Amber Quill Press

Amber Allure

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60272-508-9

Reviewed by Ley



After spending the weekend with his lover Vic, Damien returns home to find his ex-wife murdered and he may be the prime suspect. Not able to reveal his alibi for fear of outing Vic and destroying their military career, Damien is not sure what to do but he knows he needs Vic more than ever as he tries to keep it all together and help his sons through this terrible time.

Vic wants Damien to trust him and lean on him to get through this tough time, but heís afraid he canít give Damien everything he needs. Vic and Damienís love, and trust in one another is about to be tested in ways they have never imagined, the ugliness and despair they are about to face may make them stronger or it just may destroy them both.

Betrayed is a great conclusion, to the angst ridden rollercoaster ride Cassie Stevens has presented to her readers.  There were many unexpected twists and surprises in this conclusion and the actions of some of the characters were appalling, and demonic. Betrayal was the theme of this story and the ultimate betrayal came by the hands of those that were supposed to be nurturing, loving and trusted. The tragedy of the situation Damien had to face was only bearable with Vic by his side, the two discovered new strengths within each other to help them through this time. Betrayed is a great read and I very much enjoyed how Ms. Stevens wrapped it all up.  For better enjoyment of this series the books should be read in the order they were published.


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